Nigeria Needs You



Nigeria is a country of crippling poverty, suffocating illiteracy, and devastating social dysfunction. In other words, life in Nigeria is hard. The struggle to survive, let alone thrive, is very real for almost every Nigerian citizen.

If you’re an orphan in Nigeria, it is impossible…except for the good fortune of somebody taking care of you when even your own parents cannot or, sadly, will not. In Nigeria, many infants or toddlers are thrown into the trash, left alongside of the road, or set adrift in a boat to die when their care becomes too great of a social or economic burden to their parents.

The Ministry of Mercy Orphanage is committed to taking every child brought to them and providing for their needs until they are a young adult. Today, over 300 children are a part of the M.O.M. family where they are loved by a compassionate staff who works night and day to see that each receive the best care possible.

This is a very expensive burden. Feeding that many children alone is an enormous expense. Providing housing, clothes, education, and medical care only adds to it.

Cibolo Creek Community Church is committed to helping ensure the Ministry of Mercy Orphanage does not have to do it alone. Each year we share nearly $40,000.00 of support to our partners in Nigeria. As of today, our resources for that support are nearly depleted.

We are inviting the C4 family and their friends to help replenish our Ministry of Mercy fund. Our “Nigeria Needs You” campaign seeks to raise $50,000.00 in donations for the support we hope to provide our friends in the coming year. Every dollar helps. And over 300 orphaned children appreciate it.